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Becky Faber has been a lifelong artist/creator. Her father told her, in one of their last visits, from the age of two she was drawing on any scrap of paper with anything that would mark, under the kitchen table! .

Becky was always making something functional from found objects and designed for purpose in her room - and as she entered adulthood the entire place. > Early on, While she and her husband raised four children, Becky made window signs for TG&Y stores without using any type of brush! She continued creating artwork using markers and colored pencils. Still no brush.

She discovered decorative painting in the mid 1980's, learning brush techniques, the use of color, and through the years has continued to grow her art through taking classes from many fine artists..

She has a passion for color and detail which comes from God. She specializes in realism but has painted throughout many genres.

Please feel free to visit Becky Fabre website often. She will periodically display more of her work and keep the website fresh and exciting for when you visit next.

Becky Fabre

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